Turkey’s Fieldwork: an insight

We are happy to announce that we have completed our fieldwork in Turkey! Turkey is the second area were we conducted our research on how migration affect democratic participation processes in countries of origin. During the past year we were able to conduct a survey with both migrant and non-migrant households. Here are some key figures:

📑 1237 interviews total, 604 men and 633 women 

đŸ‘„ 25,5% respondents have return migrants in their immediate family 

🌏 71% respondents currently have international migrants in their immediate family 

The survey was conducted in the region of Kulu by the survey company Frekans in close collaboration with postdoctoral researchers Deniz Pelek and Laurence Go and the PI Eva Østergaard-Nielsen, and thanks to the support of Professor Ayhan Kaya and the European Institute at the Istanbul Bilgi University. Kulu has experienced high levels of emigration since the 1960s to especially Northern Europe. Different from our previous survey in Romania we included questions for a network analysis in this survey. To further unpack the relation between migration and socio-political change, Eva Østergaard-Nielsen and ÖmĂŒr Kurt also undertook fieldwork with qualitative methods. This included over 35in-depth interviews with both return migrants and non-migrants with family abroad as well as a series of local associations. These interviews will now be analyzed in comparison with the about 20 interviews from the fieldwork in another Turkish region, Ulubey district in UƟak, conducted by Deniz Pelek.  

Member of the research team conducting a survey.
Member of the research team conducting a survey.
Region of Kulu, where we conducted our research.
Member of the research team conducting a survey.