Romania’s Fieldwork: an insight

We are happy to share that we have finished the fieldwork in Romania! Romania is one of the cases in our study of the impact of migration on democratic participation processes in countries of origin. During the past year we were able to conduct a survey with both migrant and non-migrant households. Here are some key figures:

📑 1252 interviews total, 635 men and 597 women

👥 22% respondents have return migrants in their immediate family 

🌏 29% respondents currently have international migrants in their immediate family

The research was conducted in the Maramureș county, overseen by postdoctoral researchers Laurence Go and Vladimir Bortun with the collaboration of the survey company Curs. Maramureș has experienced high levels of emigration since the late 1990s and which in 2012 saw migrant-led political change in the local administration. To unpack the relation between migration and local politics Vladimir Bortun also undertook fieldwork with qualitative methods, including over 40 in-depth interviews with both return migrants and non-migrants with family abroad in two different locations.

Laurence Go, Migrademo team member responsible for the survey, revising the questionnaire.
First day of conducting surveys.
Part of the Romanian team.