Emigrant Voting Patterns (EVP)

The Emigrant Voting Patterns (EVP) Dataset is the first open access dataset that systematically captures the voting results of resident and non-resident citizens in national elections on a global level and disaggregates these results per country of residency. The dataset covers 180 elections (legislative and presidential) in 43 countries of origin (CoOs) in the world from 2000-2019, covering 218 countries of residence (CoRs) across six continents. The unit of analysis is the CoO-CoR pair for each CoO election. The final dataset contains 10,615 CoO-CoR-year observations.

The key feature of EVP is that it provides information on both the CoO and CoR level. This particularity enables researchers to systematically analyse the relationship between emigrant voting patterns, and CoO- and CoR-specific variables. The data contains official election results which have been retrieved from the webpages of the CoOs’ electoral commissions.